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Who is eligible or ineligible for Digital Lift?




    i dont know if a local internet broadcasting association would be eligible for grant and we do not have a website yet

  • Jon Felipe Agcol

    We are a very small non-profit organization and was doing a number of community works including supplemental feeding to children of indigenous peoples, assisting disadvantaged sectors like the children crisis situations, people with disabilities, solo parents, indigents, etc ., alternative community media, livelihood, and many more. I'd like to connect with other nonprofit like Digital Lift to sustain and upgrade technologically our services. Thank you.

  • Nelisiwe Xaba

    i would like cancell my project of buildind for team mate are not enterested

    on my personal futher i would like to app for individual grant

    and do things my self if possible

  • Phineas Mpala

    I need funding for disabled people and for kids

  • Stephen thabiso dhlamini


  • Roslyn Anderson

    I who like to help my senior in my building have more events and society with help all people

  • Nolan Joachim

    Our organization focus mainly on climate change mitigation ,are we eligible to applying for digital grant ?

  • Prakash Ganta

    I'm a pastor from Odisha India, doing ministry of Lord Jesus Christ from 2004, I want to reach the gospel of the Lord to unreachable villages. More Villages have not reached the gospel. Even still now there are lots of people have nonchristians. More people are going to hell without believing Jesus Christ.
    So, I want to reach to those people who are on that villages. Then I need money to appointment some pastors to go there and preach the gospel to them. But they have to do financial support. So I request you to help theme by financial support. Then they can save from hell, and you will be blessed.

  • Suh Elvison Buwaahmbi

    I am Suh Elvison Buwaahmbi, co-founder of Humanitarian Outreach Program for Ex-convicts (
    I want you to join me in changing the lives of these Ex-convicts in Cameroon and beyond,who suffer rejections from the society and the government.
    By donating your little to support the construction of a modern reformation center for these Ex-convicts, means you are stepping out to say no to crimes and violence in our communities!


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